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Type of A/C Interfaces

With the Hyperion BMS System we can integrate to the most popular VRF systems
with the interfaces below

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CoolMasterNet is a unique communication bridge that seamlessly connects advanced VRF / Split Air Conditioning Systems and home automation / Building Management Systems (BMS) controllers.

Mitsubishi Electric
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Daikin RTD Range

The RTD-Net is a Modbus interface for monitoring and control of Daikin VRV
and Sky Air ranges of air-conditioners; and VAM and VKM ventilation units. The interface is compatible with all units that have a P1,P2 remote controller network connection and allows control of up to 16 units in a single group.

• GROUP CONTROL – Group control of unit settings such as Setpoint, Fanspeed, Run Mode, Louvre and On/Off
• KEYPAD CONTROL – Control of lock/unlock state of individual buttons on wired remote controller and the
ability to limit ranges of user adjustment.
• UNIT MONITORING – Group and individual readback of unit data including Fault Codes, Unit Temperatures.
• VAM CONTROL – Control of VAM and VKM unit fanspeed and damper position.
• CUSTOM CONTROL – RTD interfaces can be supplied in custom configurations to suit specific applications.


Toshiba FDP Range

The FDP3 range of interfaces provide monitoring and control solutions for Toshiba SMMS, SHRM and Digital Inverter air conditioning systems.

UNIT CONTROL – Control of Setpoint, Fanspeed, Runmode, Louvre mode and on/off state through Modbus registers.
REMOTE CONTROLLER – Facility to individually lock and unlock each remote controller button associated with unit control.
FAULT CODES – Readback of all indoor and outdoor unit fault codes
UNIT TEMPERATURES – Indoor unit air and coil temperatures are available RS485 NETWORK.

FDP-3 Modbus Interface
FDP-3 BMS Control Interface

Chilled Water - Examples

Theben Fan Coil Actuator FCA 2

For controlling fan coils; For 2 and 4 pipe systems; For up to three fan stages; Optionally with 0-10 V fan control; For proportional 0-10 V valves.

Siemens RXB39.1

The RXB39.1 room controller is used for temperature control in individual rooms.
For 2-pipe and 4-pipe fan coil systems with or without changeover, PI control
KNX bus communication


Fan coil controller for 2 or 4-pipes unit with 2-points valves or 3-points valve (only for 2-pipes fan coil unit) and up to three fan speeds, for DIN rail (4,5 units). It includes 2 independent outputs 16A

Chilled Water Controller

ABB Millenium Room temperature

Control element with room thermostat function for triggering the heating, ventilation and fan-coil actuators. The controller is a thermostat for Fan Coil units in 2 – and 4-pipe systems and conventional heating or cooling systems

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Schneider Multi Touch

Multi Touch Pro, which combines a wall switch features with the use concept of a smartphone or digital tablet. All functions are available with a simple touch on the touchscreen

Zenio Roll-ZAS Touch controller

Roll-ZAS Touch controller is a great solution for demanding applications in hotel rooms and apartments. Roll-ZAS is able to manage climate, audio, shutters, lights…

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