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At Alpha Air we noticed that many building management systems have their drawbacks. Many are difficult and time consuming to implement. Some are not easy to maintain afterwards. Others are difficult to extract good information from.
At every stage you often have to bring in outside experts to help and this all adds to your costs.

On top of all this there are few systems that can combine all the different features of building controls into one all-encompassing package. We knew we had the necessary knowledge to solve all these problems and so we designed and created our own building management system.


Alpha Air have developed a comprehensive building management system, capable of controlling and monitoring all aspects of your building, using the latest technologies, constructed from high quality components.

Our system is highly efficient, compact and able to interface with many other protocols – KNX, Modbus, M-Bus, Dali & BACnet.

We draw the information together centrally for all your sites running our building management system. This means you view data for each site individually or compare your sites by various measures such as energy usage. You can also view any site live and change certain things provided you have the security clearance. For instance you could drop the temperature by a degree or two if you felt a site didn’t need heating so much.

We have created a user friendly front end that means the end user can view lots of information and change things for themselves. This can all be done without the need to bring in outside experts.

Mission Statement - to achieve the unachievable

Our mission was to solve the problems on existing building management systems by creating our own system for both the hardware and software side.

Operation of the Alpha Air system is simple, straightforward and direct: allowing you the freedom to manage all building services remotely, from any location – whilst offering you the ultimate in flexibility, to add a virtually infinite number of additional devices or further locations onto the system.