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Types of Switches


Using the Digital Input on our system
You can use the following switches
which in turn can use a relay


Architects and designers work hard to ensure that people within a building, whether it be for work, to live or even to shop, are in welcoming, beautiful places. The crossover of design, form, function and technology becomes apparent in what is called ‘inclusive’ space


EnOcean switches have no batteries or wires. Power comes from the action of simply pressing the switch, where this generates a radio signal picked up by our panel. EnOcean switches are easy to fit since no cables are involved, they simply screw to the wall.


Using the Digital Input on our system
You can use the following switches
which in turn can use a relay

Standard - Examples

Single Gang

Single pole switches are most commonly used in home lighting circuits to control one or more lights or fixtures from a single location, such as the entrance to a room

2-Gang 2-Way Switch

Same as Single gang but times 2

Momentry Switch

A type of switch usually in the form of a push button that is only engaged while it is being depressed, as opposed to a typical “on/off” switch, which latches in its set position.

Knx - Examples

Basalte Deseo

At first look, Deseo is an intelligent design thermostat for KNX home automation. But in fact, Deseo is much more than just a thermostat.

Gira Touch Sensor 3

The Gira touch sensor 3 allows many intelligent building technology functions to be conveniently controlled at the press of a button: It’s possible to switch the light on, dim it, raise or lower blinds, save or call up light scenes, and much more.

Ekinex Pushbutton FF series E32

4-fold KNX pushbutton (max. 8 independent functions).
Mounting on round or square wall box

EnOcean - Examples

Thermokon Single Rocker

Lighting and blind control. The self powered wireless technology enables flexible installation on glass and wall plaster via double-sided adhesive pads or screws.


Echo 2 Gang switch transmitter, Aspect White finish. A full range of complementary wiring device products from the MK Electric Aspect range is available


As incredible as it is, it doesn’t need any battery to operate, and can be used to control your EnOcean® actuators. Magnetic, shockproof, spill resistant, the Soft Remote is an innovation marvel

Misc - Examples

OC-C-LV Ceiling Mounted PIR

Using passive infra-red detection, the OC-x-LV range of occupancy detectors monitors occupation through moving body heat and upon detection the internal SPDT relay activates. The OC-C-LV is for flush mounting through a false ceiling using the clips provide, the OC-W-LV can be directly fixed to a wall or mounted using the angled bracket supplied.